A Pate de Verre Mask

78 - A Pate de Verre Mask

A Pate de Verre Mask César Isidore Henri Cros, circa 1890 High-relief female head with head cloth in naturalistic colours. 19.5 x 14 x 4.4 cm Glockenförmiger Umriss: Reliefdarstellung eines Mädchenkopfes, der von einem mit der Provenance: A Berlin Private Collection Henri Cros (1840 - 1907) arbeitet als Bildhauer, Wachsbossierer, Glaskünstler, Maler und Henri Cros (1840 - 1907) a worker at the Sevres porcelain factory, revived the technique of pate de verre as an experimenter with pastes containing powdered glass. For a decade, starting in 1893, he succeeded in completing a group of molded work styled after early Egyptian designs. His low relief portraits are famous, though not particulary strong in color, and many of his pieces are unsigned. Urtext. Auf diese Weise entdeckt Cros die vergessene Wachs- oder Enkaustikmalerei. Als Lit. : R. und L. Grover: Carved & Decorated European Art Glass, S. 70.

César Isidore Henri Cros, um 1890

Catalogueprice: 4.000 - 6.000 €

Result: 5.500,00 EUR


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