A glass vase with Phlox

74 - A glass vase with Phlox

A glass vase with Phlox Burgun, Schverer & Co. Glashütte Meisenthal, circa 1895 - 1900 Light green glass with red-brown yarns, enameled, etched and cut, partly gilt. Mark: VERRERIE D'ART DE LORRAINE déposé. 23 cm high. (Phlox). Auf der Wandungsoberfläche die gleichen Blumen in leichtem Relief, geätzt und 1824 fusion with Burgun, Schverer & Co. 1895-1896 the glass artist Désiré Christian produced glasses for Emile Gallé. Until the 1890ies contact to the glass manufacture Vallerysthal. After WWII fusion into "Verrerie de Meisenthal". 1969 closing of the manufacture.

Burgun, Schverer & Co. Glashütte Meisenthal, um 1895 - 1900

Catalogueprice: 5.000 - 8.000 €

Result: 7.500,00 EUR


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