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A rare wine glass

97 - A rare wine glass

A rare wine glass Peter Behrens for Rheinische Glashütten-Actien-Gesellschaft, Köln-Ehrenfeld, 1900/1901 Colorless glass with convex foot and hollow stem. 21,1 cm high. Farbloses Glas mit gewölbtem Fuß und sich nach oben verjüngendem Hohlschaft. H. 21,1 cm Exhibitions: "Ein Dokument Deutscher Kunst", Exhibition of the Darmstadt Artists' Colony, 1901. Vermutlich handelt es sich bei diesem seltenen Weinglas um eine Sonderanfertigung für Probably a special edition without red underlay. Behrens (1868 - 1940) gilt als der führende Vertreter des modernen Industriedesigns und Peter Behrens (1868-1940) was an architect and designer. In 1899 Behrens accepted the invitation of the Grand-duke Ernst-Ludwig of Hesse to be the second member of his recently-inaugurated Darmstadt Artists' Colony, where Behrens built his own house and fully conceived everything inside the house (furniture, towels, paintings, pottery and also this wineglass). In 1903, Behrens was named director of the Kunstgewerberschule in Düsseldorf. In 1907, he and ten other people gathered to create the German Werkbund. Peter Behrens was a pioneer in everything he did in the first half of the 20th century and his ideas were spread around the world by his students, especially by Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. He also created the concept of corporate identity. Dekoration" 9, 1901/02, S. 171. "Der Stil einer Zeit bedeutet nicht besondere Formen in Lit.: U. Schröder: Trinkgläser vom Jugendstil zum Art Deco, 1998, S. 251 und 118. Lit.: K.-W. Warthorst: Gebrauchsglas 1898 - 1924, Abb. 22 f. Lit.: G. E: Pazaurek; W. Spiegl: Glas des 20. Jahrhunderts, 1983, Abb. 53. Lit.: T. Bröhan (Hrsg.): Glaskunst der Moderne, Abb. 419.

Peter Behrens (Entwurf), Rheinische Glashütten-Actien-Gesellschaft, Köln-Ehrenfeld, 1900/1901

Catalogueprice: 5.000 - 7.000 €

Result: 9.500,00 EUR


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