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An important marqueterie vase "Magnolia Linné"

83 - An important marqueterie vase "Magnolia Linné"

An important marqueterie vase "Magnolia Linné" Emile Gallé, Nancy, 1902 Rhombical corpus. Colorless glass with white overlay and brown patina respectively brown overlay. Decor: Etched and carved sprays of Magnolia with pink flowers. Verso cock and hen. Incised mark: "Gallé" and "Peau de Cristal 1898 - 1902". 28 cm high. in Hoch- und Tiefschnitt, die pinkfarbenen Blüten in Marqueterie-Technik ausgeführt. Provenance: The Barlach Heuer Collection, Paris Cristal 1898 - 1902 (tiefgeätzt). H. 28 cm Provenienz: Sammlung Barlach Heuer, Paris Exhibitions: 1973 - 2009 Museum Hentrich, Düsseldorf 28 May - 17 August 1980, "Emile Gallé", Museum Bellerive Zurich, Object 145 Société Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris 1902, Nr. 109.1 aufgeführt ist ("Magnolia Linné. Émile Gallé (1846-1904) is considered to be one of the major forces in the French Art Nouveau movement. Gallé studied philosophy, botany, and drawing in his youth. He later learned glassmaking at Meisenthal. His early work was executed using clear glass decorated with enamel, but he soon turned to an original style featuring heavy, opaque glass carved or etched with plant motifs, often in two or more colours as cameo glass. His career took off after his work received praise at the Paris Exhibition of 1878. Within a decade of another successful showing at the Paris Exhibition of 1889, Gallé had reached international fame and his style, with its emphasis on naturalism and floral motifs, was at the forefront of the emerging Art Nouveau movement. In 1901 he founded École de Nancy, (Alliance Provinciale des Industries d'art) an Art Nouveau movement with, Victor Prouvé, Louis Majorelle, Antonin Daum and Eugène Vallin in the city of Nancy in Lorraine.

Emile Gallé, Nancy, datiert 1902

Catalogueprice: 70.000 - 100.000 €


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