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Auktionshaus Dr. Fischer



Dr. Fischer - Fine Art Auctions

Elbinger Straße 11
74078 Heilbronn


Tel.: +49 7131 15557 - 0
Fax: +49 7131 15557 - 20


E-Mail: info@auctions-fischer.de


Opening time

Monday till Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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Monia Becker


Phone: 07131-15557-0

Dr. Jürgen Fischer

Public appointed and sworn auctioneer

Jennifer Still

Assistant to the CEO
Customer relations

Phone: 07131-15557-11
E-Mail: still@auctions-fischer.de

Dr. Winfried Leypoldt

Expert Glass 19th-20th century / Studio Glass / Porcelain
Phone: 07131-15557-14
E-Mail: leypoldt@auctions-fischer.de

Horst Ungar

Expert Glass 16th-19th century / Ceramics / European Works of Art
Phone: 07131-15557-15
E-Mail: ungar@auctions-fischer.de

Isabella Fischer

Gemologist, Member of the German Gemmological Association, Expert jewellery and gemstones
Phone: 07131-15557-0
E-Mail: isabella@auctions-fischer.de

Alexander Hägele M.A.

Expert Painting, Russian Paintings, Modern and Contemporary Art,
Furniture, Asian Art

Phone: 07131-15557-19

E-Mail: haegele@auctions-fischer.de

Dragan Ilic

Art Nouveau, Art Déco & Porcelain, Silver

Telefon: 07131-15557-28
E-Mail: ilic@auctions-fischer.de

Bruno Missbrandt Betriebswirt (VWA)

Clocks / watches, Photography

Phone: 07131-15557-16
E-Mail: missbrandt@auctions-fischer.de

Yana Belskaya

Russian Art & Icons

Phone: 07131-15557-25
E-Mail: belskaya@auctions-fischer.de

Franziska Seibel M.A.

Assistant to the Experts

Public Relations

Phone: 07131-15557-18
E-Mail: seibel@auctions-fischer.de

Ralf Glemser


Catalogue Production
Phone: 07131-15557-30
E-Mail: glemser@auctions-fischer.de

Lea Becker


Phone: 07131-15557-21
E-Mail: versand@auctions-fischer.de

Fadila Hadj-Kaddour

Customer relations for our French clients
Phone: 07131-15557-0
E-Mail: info@auctions-fischer.de

Vera Gherman

Packing and dispatch
Customer relations for our Romanian clients

Telefon: 07131-887250
E-Mail: office@auctions-fischer.de

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