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Icons & Russian Art

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31 - Stations of the Cross

Sandl, erstes Drittel 19. Jh.

Estimate: 12.000 - 16.000 €
Stations of the Cross Sandl, first third of 19th cent. 14 stations in gold foil and colours, inscriptions in black. Station I and V in the lower part cracked, clued and retouched. Moulded original wooden framework, framework of station I later. 38...

120 - The Crucifixion

Italo-Kretisch / Ionische Inseln, 17./18. Jh.

Estimate: 4.000 - 6.000
Crete or Ionian Islands, 17/18th century Tempera and gold on wood panel. Minimal worn. Traces of cutting, minimal lost. 27.1 x 19.7 cm Provenance: An Italian Private Collection Set against an elaborate architectural background representin...

121 - Mother of God "Madre della Consolazione"

Veneto-Kretisch, wohl Umkreis des Nikolaos Tzafoures, um 1500

Estimate: 15.000 - 20.000 €
Result: 17.000,00 €
Veneto-Cretan, probably the Circle of Nikolaos Tzafoures, circa 1500 Levkas. Hintergrund vergoldet und ornamental punziert. Gewandfalten partiell in Egg tempera on wood, gesso ground. Against a gold background. Tooled haloes. Vertical crack minima...

122 - The Mother of God holding Christ and St. John the Baptist

Veneto-Kretisch, 16. Jh.

Estimate: 30.000 - 40.000 €
Veneto-Cretan, 16th century Mantelsaum der Muttergottes in Assistvergoldung. Alte Restaurierung der vertikalen Egg tempera on wood, gesso ground. Against a gold background. Minimal restored. On the reverse inventory number (of a collection?) "693...

123 - Mother of God Galaktotrophousa

Veneto-Kretisch, 17. Jh.

Estimate: 30.000 - 40.000 €
Veneto-Cretan, 17th century der Gewänder in Assistgold. Nimben ornamental punziert. Kleinere Ausbruchstelle im unteren Egg tempera on wood, gesso ground. Against a gold background. The garments with gold folds and the borders with gold leafy...

124 - The Mother of God with the Child, St Catherine and St Rochus

Veneto-Kretisch, 16. Jh.

Estimate: 15.000 - 25.000 €
Veneto-Cretan, 16th century Klebeetiketten: "This picture was [...] a French soldier from one of the churches at Egg tempera on wood, gesso ground. The garments in green and red highlighted with gold stars and folds. Horizontal crack restored. On...

125 - A large icon showing St. Nicholas of Myra

Russland, Novgoroder Nordprovinz, um 1500

Estimate: 25.000 - 35.000 €
Russia, Novgorod, circa 1500 Levkas, Eitempera. Farbverlust im unteren Bereich. Rest. 68,5 x 52 cm Publikation: Y. Egg tempera on wood panel. Gesso ground. Kovcheg, pavoloka. Losses to the lower border. Restored. Omophorion zieren schwarze...

126 - A monumental icon showing St. John the Forerunner

Russland, 16. Jh.

Estimate: 40.000 - 60.000 €
Result: 35.000,00 €
Russia, 16th century Levkas, Pavoloka, Eitempera. Partielle Vergoldung. Partiell rest. Spuren horizontaler Egg tempera on wood, gesso ground. Kovcheg, pavoloka. With gilt details. Horizontal cut restored. dem Täufer in Dreiviertel-Figur. Die...

127 - A large icon showing the prophet Elijah in the Wilderness

Russland, um 1600

Estimate: 20.000 - 25.000 €
Russian, circa 1600 Hintergrund und Nimbus vergoldet. Min. rest. Verso kyrillische Einritzung. 48,5 x 40 cm Egg tempera on wood. Gesso ground. Kovcheg. Against a gold background, gilded halo. Minimal restored. Scratched Cyrillic inscription on...

128 - A monumental icon of the Baptism of Christ

Russland, um 1600

Estimate: 10.000 - 15.000 €
Russia, circa 1600 Levkas, Nimben vergoldet. Kirchenslawischer Titulus in Weiß am oberen Rand. Min. rest. 95 Egg tempera on wood, gesso ground. Kovcheg. The haloes gilded. Russian Slavonic title in white to the upper border. Minimal restored. in...
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